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Being a Celt we believe in the Times between Times. It is a dimension that occurs between the time of awaking from sleep and the time of being fully conscious in this caporial realm.

This morning I had a Time between Times experience where this person clad in and earth colored robe met me and bid me to follow them. We walked for a while in silence and then we came to a precipice. On the right there was a large window the size of a store front and on the other side were the homeless and folks with signs protesting everything and though I could not hear them I could tell by the strain of their faces that they were all yelling and screaming and making a racket to be recognized.

Now on the left side of the precipice there was another Window and it to was as large as a store front. But in this window there was no glass and before me stretched and endless coast line with the sound of the waves crashing into the shore and a stark white strip of beach which led up to deep forest lush and green and the air did fill my lungs and a great peace meandered through it all on a gentle breeze.

Then my companion turned and said,”Choose”.

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