A Lesson From Creation

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It was a curious thing that I was allowed to watch today. A young crow launched himself from the arm of a street light and was I believe attempting to land on a patch of lawn on the other side of Division across from the Dairy Queen on 56th street. However the young crow misjudged the distance and kind of had a hard landing in the middle of the east bound lane on Division.

The young crow was having some problems reorienting himself and getting back onto his feet.
Then this marvelous thing happened. Four large adult cows landed and surrounded the younger crow. They even held their ground against a very large dump truck. Even when the driver of the truck honked his air horn the crows would not abandon the young crow. When the young crow finally got himself together and launched himself with a flutter of wings and was clear of the street and actually on the lawn did the four older crows relinquish their claim on the street, and flutter over to join the younger crow.It is said that Creation is the reflection of God’s glory and power. It is also said that the chief cornerstone of that power is Love.

So if the Elders of a flock of Crows deems the value of the Life of their young at a level worthy of the sacrifice of their own lives how much more should we be willing to sacrifice our lives for our brethren and our children.

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