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One of the frequent questions that we get is - "Was there a Hogan's Heroes movie or made for tv movie after the series ended?" The answer is, sadly, NO. The series was cancelled and nothing was ever done after the end of it. There wasn't even a wrap up show to finish off the series. CBS was in the process of revamping it's entire line up and just cancelled the show.

Here is information about two Hogan's Heroes related films.


Auto Focus - November 2002 - Movie about Bob Crane's Life

The long awaited film about the life of Bob Crane was released in November 2002. Greg Kinnear plays Bob Crane, Maria Bello plays Patricia, Crane's second wife, and Rita Wilson plays his first wife, Anne Crane. Willem Dafoe is John Carpenter who was acquitted of the murder of Bob Crane.

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There have been several rumors over the years about bringing Hogan's Heroes to the big screen - but there is nothing concrete at this time.

Crowe Commandeers "Hogan's Heroes"

By Josh Grossberg
Wed, 28 Nov 2001 10:20:00 AM PST

Who knew that it would take a battle-hardened gladiator to defeat the Nazis. Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe is the latest A-lister wanting to take Stalag 13 to the big screen by developing and starring in a movie version of Hogan's Heroes. Read more from E-Online

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Hogan's Heroes - Behind the Scenes at Stalag 13
By Brenda Scott Royce (1998)

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Book - Hogan's Heroes - Behind The Scenes at Stalag 13 by Brenda Scott Royce