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Gowns By Yvette - Episode #137

Fifth Season (1969-70) - Aired Friday, on CBS from 8:30-9:00 P.M.

Season/Episode Number : Season # 5 Episode # 19

Original Airdate : January 30th, 1970

Production Number : 5784-135

Writer(s) : Arthur Julian

Director(s) : Bruce Bilson

Regular Cast : Hogan, LeBeau, Newkirk, Kinchloe, Carter, Klink and Schultz

Guest Cast : Bruce Kirby (Gestapo Man), Bruno Ve Sota (Agent), Dick Wilson (Count von Hertzel), Muriel Landers (Frieda),

Overview : LeBeau's masquerade as a Parisian designer and Newkirk's nifty needlework provide Hogan the means to crash a wedding, make a contact, and spring an agent.

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