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Cast - Cynthia Lynn - Fraulein Helga

Cynthia Lynn (born Zinta Valda Zimilis, April 2, 1936, in Riga, Latvia); is an American actress. Cynthia Lynn is most notable for her portrayal of Fraulein Helga in Hogan's Heroes during the 1st season 1965-1966. She returned to the series in the 1968 episode "Will the Blue Baron Strike Again" for a background part, and again in the 1971 episode "Easy Come, Easy Go" as Eva, another background part. She last acted in 1975 in an episode of Harry O. She wrote her autobiography Escape to Freedom together with Edward Ansara.... (From Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cynthia_Lynn)

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Escape to Freedom - An Autobiography of Cynthia Lynn

by Edward Ansara - December 2000

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